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900% More Colonies With Our Blue Transilluminator

Works Great With SYBRSafe

"Wow! It's super easy."

"The combination of the blue transilluminator and the glasses makes it trivial. We leave the gel on the transilluminator, put on the glasses, and cut the band out with a knife. So much easier than dealing with UV. Love the simplicity. Anyone that wants to cut out bands needs the set up."

- William Glover, CEO, 

A track record you can trust

Hundreds of top biologists all over the world love their Pearl Blue Transilluminator. For the past 6 years, we've been helping biologists get faster experimental results from more colonies and easier gel extractions.

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UV Transilluminators Wreck Your DNA sample

Did you know that just 30 seconds of UV light wrecks almost 90% of your DNA sample? Use your UV transilluminator a few seconds too long… and you risk spending Friday night late in the lab redoing your experiment.

Blue Light is Safe for DNA

By changing to blue light, your colonies flourish when there’s no DNA damage. No DNA damage means predictable, easy cloning, your experiments are finished on time and you never have to re-do gel electrophoresis again. Enjoy up to 900% more happy, healthy colonies than ever before. 

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Get More Experiments Done Faster

In 2009 we set out to build a high quality blue transilluminator. We built dozens of prototypes, tested them out in the lab, and sent early illuminators to our colleague's labs to get their thoughts. Today, hundreds of biologists are using the Pearl Blue Transilluminator every day.

Best Technology We licensed the same patents used in Life Technologies' Safe Imager 2.0 Blue Light Transilluminator.

How it Works: Simply set your gel on the Pearl Blue Transilluminator. Turn it on, and see your gel bands! To cut out your bands, put on your orange glasses and slice away! When you're done, put the Pearl Blue Transilluminator in a drawer or shelf and get on with your other experiments!


blue transilluminator

Cut Gel Bands Easily - Free Orange Glasses

Need orange filter glasses for gel extractions? Want a free pair? Right now we're testing out a new model of glasses and would love your opinion. After ordering your transilluminator, send an email to and we'll include orange filter glasses with your order.


blue transilluminator

125.1% Money Back Guarantee

New lab tools can accelerate your research productivity by months and even years. But trying a new tool takes a lot of work. One protocol change might wreak havoc on your progress. And purchasing is complicated by semi-annoying sales people, and getting "approval" from your purchasing department. And if you want to return the product later, another big headache. Sound familiar? We’ve been there and it sucks.

We make it easy for biologists to try out the latest technologies. If you return your Pearl Blue Transilluminator for any reason, we'll send you a full refund + $100 VISA cash gift card for your time trying it out. (Here’s some $100 ideas: Calibrate all your pipettes. 10x 6-packs of beer. Go out on a fancy date.)

Just email and we'll give you 125.1% of your money back.

TL;DR if you don't like your new blue transilluminator, you get all your $$ back plus $100 cash

Technical Specifications

Recommended Dyes

The Pearl Blue Transilluminator is designed for use with these dyes:
SYBR Safe, GelGreen, GRSafe, Ethidium Bromide, Gel Star (Lanza), SYBR Gold, SYBR Green I and II, SYPRO Ruby, SYPRO Orange, and Coomassie Fluor Orange.

Gel Size

You can image any gel up to 4" square (10 cm square).

Read More Technical Specifications - Click Here

What's Up with Blue Transilluminators?

Hi, my name is Tito Jankowski, I helped design the Pearl Blue Transilluminator with Norman Wang. Since perhaps the Pearl Blue Transilluminator will be in your lab soon, I wanted to let you know a little bit about some other projects I've worked on.

Biohacker Lab: I co-founded BioCurious, the world’s first hackerspace for biotech in Sunnyvale, California. Amazing things are happening, including a 3D bio-printer project, discovering new natural antibiotics, and an iGEM team working engineering yeast to produce cow’s milk called Real Vegan Cheese.

OpenPCR machine: I also co-founded a company called OpenPCR, an open source PCR machine that anyone can build from a kit.

CES Design Award: At Scanadu in the NASA Ames Research Center in California I helped design the future of medical devices. The Scanadu SCOUT won “Best Innovation of 2013” in the Personal Electronics category at CES.

My degree is in biomedical engineering from Brown University, I graduated in 2008 and started designing new lab equipment right away.

Over the past 5 years, I've learned way too much about blue transilluminators and gel imaging. Ask me your toughest question!

Tito Jankowski
San Francisco, California
Owner, Pearl Biotech
email me:
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