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The Pearl Blue Light Transilluminator is designed for viewing stained gels on the laboratory benchtop, or within a gel documentation system. The Pearl Blue Light Transilluminator is supplied with an amber filter and a power cord. Gel Extraction viewing glasses are available for free upon request.

Light from the LED source inside the transilluminator passes through a blue filter, producing a single-intensity signal at approximately 470 nm, effective for the excitation of SYBR Safe DNA gel stain, and other dyes such as SYBR Green I, GelGreen, GRSafe, and Ethidium Bromide. Sensitivity obtained using this instrument is comparable to that obtained with a standard UV transilluminator. Unlike UV-transilluminators, the Pearl Blue Light Transilluminator does not produce UV light and does not require UV-protective equipment during use. 

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Product Images

Photos courtesy:
QB3 San Francisco, Dr. Rich Yu, Scientific Director, richard.yu@qb3at953.com
Bryn Mawr College, Dr. Michelle Wien, Lecturer, mwien@brynmawr.edu


Maximum Dimensions of Gel: 4" x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm)
Illuminator Dimensions: 4" x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm)
Amber filter dimensions: 4" x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm)

Light Source:
Electronics Design: 64 Blue LED array
LED Wavelength: 468 nm wavelength

Transilluminator housing and filters: Scratch-resistant acrylic plastic.
For gel purifications, simply place your gel onto the blue transilluminator and cut the bands out with a scalpel. 

Patented Technology:
We use the same patented technology as Life Technologies' Safe Imager 2.0 Blue Light Transilluminator. These patents are owned by Clare Chemical.

Recommended Dyes and Stains

The Pearl Blue Light Transilluminator is designed to work with the following dyes:

1. SYBR Safe
2. GelGreen (Biotium)
3. GRSafe (Excellgen)
4. Ethidium Bromide
5. Gel Star (Lanza)
6. SYBR Gold (Life Technologies)
7. SYBR Green I and II (Life Technologies)
8. SYPRO Ruby (Life Technologies)
9. SYPRO Orange (Life Technologies)
10. Coomassie Fluor Orange (Life Technologies)

If you have another dye, just send us a note at support@pearlbiotech.com and we'll let you know our experience with it.

    Gel Red is designed for use with UV light and doesn't work with blue light or our blue light transilluminator.


    What's in the Box

    The Pearl Blue Transilluminator includes an amber post filter and a power cord. We also offer amber post filter glasses for free upon request. Email glasses@pearlbiotech.com for your free glasses.

    Catalog number: PBIO-004
    Price: $399 (USD)
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    We have an illustrated guide to using the Pearl Blue Transilluminator.

    Read the Pearl Blue Transilluminator Instructions (3 MB PDF)


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    We ship packages every Wednesday from our warehouse in San Francisco. If your order arrives after 12 PM PST on Wednesday, it will be shipped the next Wednesday. Email support@pearlbiotech.com if you need your order shipped sooner, and we'll get it shipped out ASAP.

    Returns and Warranty

    If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, return your blue transilluminator for a full refund. We believe that in order to have the best possible online shopping experience, our customers should not have to pay for return shipping. So if for whatever reason you're not in love with your blue transilluminator within 90 days after your purchase, email support@pearlbiotech.com and we'll get a return shipping label printed for you.

    Every Pearl Blue Transilluminator comes with a 2 year warranty. If it breaks during that period, we'll fix it, replace it or refund you.

    Read Our 2 Year Product Warranty (PDF)

    How to Order

    There are 2 ways to get your Pearl Blue Transilluminator.

    1. Online - Credit Card or Paypal

    You'll receive an email confirmation for your order immediately. Then, you'll receive another email confirmation when your order ships a few days later. We ship out all orders at 9 AM PST every Wednesday.

    2. Purchase Order

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    Blue Transilluminator

    "Super Easy" Gel Extractions

    See your DNA bands with SYBRsafe and other blue light dyes

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