New Pearl Blue Box - Limited Edition

Secret Pre-Launch to Friends: The Newer, Brighter Pearl Blue Box The new design is working great! After Beta testing and manufacturing, the first batch of the new improved Pearl Blue Box are ready to ship! We sent out a batch of test units to scientists for final testing, and the results...

22 May 2015 by Tito Jankowski


I'm a total geek when it comes to electronics... Check out this vine of the pick-and-place machine building circuit boards for the new Pearl Blue Transilluminator 2.0! 100% robot powered...awesomeeeeee! Tito

16 May 2015 by Tito Jankowski

New Prototype of the Pearl Blue Transilluminator

The Prototype: We've been working on a new prototype of the Pearl Blue Transilluminator. We want to make a brighter transilluminator with more even lighting. The original design uses an 8 x 8 LED array, 64 in total. The new design spreads out LEDs across the entire transilluminator. It has...

09 January 2015 by Tito Jankowski

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