New Pearl Blue Box - Limited Edition

22 May 2015 by Tito Jankowski

Secret Pre-Launch to Friends: The Newer, Brighter Pearl Blue Box

The new design is working great!

After Beta testing and manufacturing, the first batch of the new improved Pearl Blue Box are ready to ship! We sent out a batch of test units to scientists for final testing, and the results were great. "it's much brighter so it detects lower level of DNA" wrote Haoming Zhang, Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, who got an early beta test unit for his lab.

Super Bright DNA bands, see Picograms of DNA!


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What Makes It Better Than The Previous Design?

The big improvement is we upped the number of blue LEDs and the brightness. The previous design had only 64 LEDs in a small 2" square area. This new high-density design crams 251 LEDs into a 4" square circuit board (10 cm x 10 cm). We've also upped the overall brightness.
392% more LEDs means sharp, crips bands that are great for photographing your bands for your next Nature publication or grant proposal. This also means it's way easier to see bands without turning out the lights or having a dark room. This means you can get your work done right there on the bench next to your gel box!

Sample Gel Image courtesy Rich Yu, Ph.D. QB3 Incubator, San Francisco

Insane Feedback from Beta Testers

Dr. Rich Yu, the director of the QB3 biotech incubator in San Francisco wrote to say:

Our core facility users have greatly enjoyed the new Pearl blue transilluminator. I have had numerous requests by users to contact you for purchase. They have been used for quick assessment by gel electrophoresis, but are especially useful for gel purification (no DNA damage by UV and out in the open). I highly recommend the new high-density LED transilluminator.
- Rich Yu, Ph.D.
Scientific and Operations Director, QB3 @ 953

Dr. Lixin Dai, a research scientist at Modern Meadow is working on growing leather in labs (how cool is that!) says:

"Both illuminators work great and I especially like prototype because it has a larger light surface area and is apparently brighter. The blue light illuminator makes things a lot easier such as gel extraction since I don't have to expose to UV light any more. Thanks!"
- Lixin Dai, Ph.D.
Research Scientist, Modern Meadow

Dr. Michelle Wien from the Biology Department at Bryn Mawr College writes:

"The Pearl blue transilluminator is a great option for our introductory biology teaching laboratory.  By using  GelGreen dye with the blue transilluminator, we ensure a safe environment for all of our students.  (And we don’t have to worry about special disposal for the gels.) Students can visualize their bands in the lab, and can document their results with their cell phones. The new model with 251 LEDs is much brighter and easier to use without going to the darkroom."

Michelle Wien, Ph.D
Biology Department, Bryn Mawr College

Made By An Enslaved Robot...

Ryan's pick and place machine makes every single one!


...and Some Very Weird Humans

Many many thanks to all the beta testers, as well as the Pearl team:

The Robot Only Made a Few Though....

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Pearl Blue Box - Transilluminator System

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- Tito Jankowski
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