5 Most Common Questions About Purchase Orders

1. I need info for my purchasing department/purchasing officer

Please send them a link to the current page. http://pearlbiotech.com/pages/purchase-order-instructions

2. I need a W-9 form (or other paperwork)

Click here to download a digital copy of our W-9. Otherwise, email po@pearlbiotech.com with any paperwork or documents that need to be signed. We will autograph anything you send us including your Justin Bieber CDs.

3. What happens after I submit a Purchase Order?

You'll receive an email confirmation for your order immediately. Then, you'll receive another email confirmation when your order ships a few days later. We ship out all orders at 9 AM PST every Wednesday. After you submit your purchase order, we should have all the information we need, but if not we will email you.

4. How much is it?

Pricing for Purchase Orders is the same as normal pricing.

5. I want more than 1 Transilluminator

Great! After you watch the video, instead of clicking the big green button below, click the number of transilluminators you would like to order below:

2, 3, 4, 5. Email po@pearlbiotech.com for bigger quantities.

Watch this!

(to make your life easier, we made this 4 minute video walk through)


OK, Did you watch the video?

Yes, I'm Ready to Order

Yes, But I Still Have a Question